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Questions? Curious?

Some facts about Berlins exclusive Swingers Club.


What is a Swingers Club?

We're a meeting Point for erotic encounters. Swingers Club Zuegellos Berlin is visited by couples and singles, who like to experience adventures. We give the possibilitys for nearly everything, with sauna, steam bath, whirlpool and naturally at our different playrooms, you got the options to make your phantasy real!


Would there be a dress code?

For an unforced erotic atmosphere it's necessary, that our guests not spend their evening in normal streetwear. So bring som sexy clothes for your appearance: It could be some lingerie, as well es nice underwear or some fetishwear, the ladys could wear a small garment or a skirt and a top. It's most important you feel well in it - so dress to impress!


Who we'll meet in your club?

Most of our guests are couples. But we're not a "couples-only-club", so we're as well a meeting point for single ladys and single man. However we'll be careful that there is no dominance of single men.  


What happens at Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin?

You should enjoy your evening at Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin, it requires that you're not forced to do anything. Like our slogan says: Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary! If you just want to look and spend your evening with other nice guests at our bar counter, or if you get inspired by the erotic atmosphere and spend the night together, or maybe with others in our club, everybody should do what he/ she likes.


We are foreigners, are we welcome?

Totally yes! Berlin is famous for beeing friendly to their tourists, so we are! Millions of people from every country in the world visiting Berlin every year, also because of it's great nightlife. At Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin you surely will meet other foreigners, as well as open minded german people. Most of the inhabitants of Berlin are used to speak english, so there will be hardly any language problem.


What's the charge at Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin?

In our club you only pay an admission charge, drinks (except champaign & cocktails) are totally includet, as well as our buffet at fridays and saturdays, also the use of our sauna and our steam bath, our whirlpools and our playrooms is included. The price depends on the day you visit us and if you cam alone or as couple. Just have a look at our "Partys / Prices" site.


For us at Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin cleanliness and hygiene is very important.

We take care of clean playgrounds. You'll find free bathing shoes, condoms, fresh towels, wipes and facial tissues. In our shower room, you get shampoo and shower gel.


You know nobody? No problem!

Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin is no closed society of regulars. Guests of all ages, from young to old, visits us to get in contact to other nice people.


Feel free to contact us any time!

Still have questions about your evening at Swingers Club Zügellos Berlin? Just write a mail to basti@swingerclub-zugellos.de! Also don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or problems while visiting our club.


We're looking forward to welcome you at our Swingers Club.

Manja und Basti